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Global Speakers Summit
Check out this Customized Video Package. It features indexed video, photos, biographical info, links and a high-res video. It can also be packaged on a CD for sales demos.

  Dave Rogers
Coach - XL Results Foundation
Awareness, Understanding & Making Things Happen
Length : 3 minutes

Global Enterprise Challenge
Teams of students around the globe were asked to produce a business and marketing plan within 24 hours of receiving a client brief. This year's challenge: produce an innovative energy-saving device for use in the home. Watch the presentation of the winning Singapore team.

  Team Barcol-Air 2005
Singapore's Winning Team - Congratulations!
GEC 2005
Length : 3 minutes
Broadband | 56K

AWSJ Singapore CEO Technology Summit
Singapore's Founding Father discusses the impact of the Internet on modern society with former US Secretary of State James Baker.

  Lee Kuan Yew
Senior Minister - Singapore
The Challenges of the Future
Length : 58 minutes
Broadband | 56K | Audio

Ricardo Lagos LIVE at the APEC Secretariat
Growing economic links with Asia, a look at APEC 2004 and plans to reform Chile's copper industry are among the topics discussed by Chile's President.

  Ricardo Lagos
President - Republic of Chile
Press Conference
Length : 45 minutes

Asian Banker Summit
Economic uncertainty, SARS and Basel II. Asia's top bankers and financial thinkers tackle these issues and more. If you're interested in financial issues and Asia, you won't want to miss this event.

  David Koenig
Chairman - PRMIA
Effectively using your Risk Managers
Length : 5 minutes
Broadband | 56K



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